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Forst Fest 2022, July 15-17

Forst Fest is an independent art festival in Lower Austria. Surrounded by forests, the place creates an intimate atmosphere for the performing artists and the audience alike.

Forst Fest is a space of cultural and artistic exchange created by artists for artists. The place offers platforms for concerts, art performances, readings and others, where our guests can experience a variety of music and art while being immersed in nature.

The festival operates under the premise of a respectful and healthy coexistence with the environment, upon which the infrastructure of the site has been built and arranged.

We believe in the importance of an international and diverse community, and the dialogue between different art forms, music styles and creative practices.

Line up of 2022

Roberta Lazo (Live solo concert with voice, looper, recorder and homemade instruments)
Litha (Swag Pop.)

Benedicte (Throat singing and body sounds performance)
Gravögl (Mostviertler Mundart Folk/Folk in Austrian dialect)
Modecenter (Noise Rock)

Hamid Waheed (Performance Art)
Adrián Dozetas & Karlotta Frank (Poet reading and dance performance)
Orpheus Trio (Live folk music)